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Lights Out!

by on Jul.10, 2013, under Uncategorized

Last night was a typical work night as I was putting together a character demo reel. I was very happy to be working on my own stuff when the lights went out. Literally. All over town.

My work office is windowless so it was past dark thirty in it but having been a boy scout ( a lousy one I admit) I was prepared as I had a flashlight on my desk just off to the right of my monitors. Why??? Because I’m incredibly prepared and foresee these things??? Because I can model one in 3D and make it work but I gotta have power! No… because its dark under my desk and I have so many usb items even with hubs I have to occasionally plug something into the front of one and the flashlight just makes it easy.

But… I found out one interesting thing about my battery backup configuration (which worked) and that was the simple fact my powered KVM switch was plugged into the cold side of the UPS instead of the battery side when power is out. It took me a minute to figure that out as my monitors were powered up but no signal… then I spied the dead KVM switch! AH HA! Springing to action I managed to plug that into the hot side of the UPS and all was well. I had attempted to shut down both pc’s with the power button and one pc did shut down. Probably had no apps open but my main unit was hung on the screen that asks me if I would like to shut down the eleven applications I had open at the time.

Being as both were on Windows 7 I wasn’t too worried but you never know with a power outage. My secondary pc was dark and quiet. Shut down with the power button while I switched over to my main unit and started shutting down apps then powered down.

With trusty flashlight in hand I made through the hallway into the main part of the building that was lit up by monitors and I could hear the UPS at each station beeping as they were in the process of auto shutdown using the software and usb connection that comes with each unit. NICE FEATURE! The office started getting darker and darker as each PC shut down and the light from its monitor was lost.

By this time I was at the main entrance to the building and locking up. Our local police force was already out… which is commendable as most had been on duty all day… and to my knowledge there were no problems as this town is a survival town. No real wealth in town and most households living paycheck to paycheck. You steal in this town… you certainly wouldn’t want to get caught by anyone BUT the police. ┬áHard working people value what they have… value their neighbors too and watch out for each other.

So… the night of the blackout is over and no problems on my end or anywhere in our office this morning. With modern operating systems like Win 7 and up it seems we don’t have to worry so much about abrupt shutdowns but any shutdown with open applications could cause problems so I’m glad for improvements in the operating system.

More importantly… I’m glad for the light the monitors cast in each area. It was strange watching them shut down one by one… almost surreal but my God the stars were BRIGHT that night when I stepped outside! Sometimes we forget how much man made lighting changes our environment until its gone.

Who would have thought a random blackout would be so inspiring but those stars were just awesome!


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