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The End of World is in Sight!!! Sorta…

by on Dec.28, 2014, under Uncategorized

It’s that time of year again. For some it’s a wonderful time that brings joyous news, new animation toys and new ideas. For others… it’s a time of weeping, gnashing of teeth and other such maladies. What is this you ask? The eternal fight between heaven and hell… good and evil… the free world against… well… the free world?

No… it’s just another release of iClone. Version  6 to be exact and with all Reallusion updates it is a MASSIVE overhaul moving from DX9 to DX11 as a realtime platform. Throw in the move to 64 bit and you have quite a change. Plus the fact that a platform move means a hardware upgrade for a lot of users.

What is Reallusion to do? Stay stagnant for it’s older hardware users or continue to improve? Tough call but most of us opt for the new overhaul and the changes it brings. Which are aplenty!

The upgrade to DX11 is requiring many existing users to upgrade and that is regrettable… particularly with software previously geared towards the home animator but I seriously doubt Reallusion made this decision without a lot of thought. In fact… I bet there were many brainstorming sessions that produced it’s own weeping and gnashing of teeth.

As an old guard at using software I’ve come to work within the limitations of that software… accept it for what it is and move on. What works for me doesn’t always work for others but I really like the new interface… the new gui.

It can be customized to a large degree and the lack of colors just doesn’t mean anything to users like myself. We use the software… we don’t let it use us. As ridiculous as that sounds it seems some users just can’t accept change yet they want the product to continue to improve. This must really stifle their creativity too. Again… that is regrettable but unavoidable.


Quite frankly…no. Not in the internet age where we can say what we want… when we want. There is little or no room for compromise and anyone creating a product just accepts the fact that a certain number of users will hate it and some will hate it to the point of making themselves miserable which seems extremely self defeating to a simple old country boy like myself.


Do your homework. Check your computer specs. Make sure it can take the upgrade. Ask questions… write to users on the forum and not just users that will give a favorable review but a sampling that will cover a lot of bases. The opinion of haters is just as important and relevant as any… even though it’s supercharged with an agenda (but then what opinions aren’t).


It’s not there. You won’t find it but you will find some great animation tools that are worth the time it takes to learn them… which isn’t that much time in the long run.


It doesn’t exist… at least on this plane but if you want to roll up your sleeves and take time learning the new, the bold, the not so bright and all the lumps in between then iClone 6 is worth a look.

It won’t clean house, cook breakfast or take out the dog but will take away a lot of the burden of animating so just about anyone with any common sense and computer ability can do it.

In closing I must also say that there are a lot of users very happy with the upgrade. The complainers (no matter how righteous) are a small number of the total users and tend to be very vocal but again… not to be dismissed… but to be listed to, filed for future use as their feedback is as valuable as any… even though some of us wish it could be stated in a more civilized manner.


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