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3DXchange 5.4 – Another Game Changer

by on Mar.11, 2013, under Uncategorized

Actually… to say this update is another game changer is a bit of an understatement as this update is close to giving us:

any character… anytime… with facial morphs and lip sync converted by anyone… not just 3D pros.

Now take a look at the statement again and tell me that isn’t a nice little breakthrough! The only reason I can’t say for sure that any character anytime can be imported is because I haven’t tried all the available characters but as a beta tester I can tell you I converted a lot of disparate characters with major differences between them to find that they functioned quite well in iClone. Even got to animate my old time favorite Poser characters Cheech (think monster of the Black Lagoon) and Klank the comical robot.

Creech – One of my Favorites now usable in iClone.

Like that Daz character? The conversion profile is included if it’s Genesis so no real conversion work on your part to get it into iClone. Like that old Poser character? Does it have jawbone or facial morphs? If so… you are good to go with a little trial and error. ¬†Older characters with no phonemes available… get creative and make your own with the morphs and bones that are available.

Another old Poser character with unusual bone structure. It can walk too!

Full body morph as in human to werewolf? No problem. Do it on the fly as this flavor of 3DXchange also reads body morphs which can be controlled by the facial puppetry or face key dialogs. This might be an unintended consequence of development but it opens many possibilities.

Talking spheres and other props? Sure… why not? If it can be morphed it can probably be controlled in some form with this new update. We have not only bone driven meshes but now we have the ability to capture morphed meshes making both types of mesh manipulation available to users. It will be great to be able to use the morpher modifier in 3DS Max or the morph layers in zBrush knowing they will translate to iClone.

The four arms accessory for Genesis can be mapped as extra bones with a pop up controller dialog similar to the Non-Human controller.

This post is mainly about DAZ and Poser character conversion but I have successfully converted Dexsoft and other custom made characters too. There are standard profiles available for 3DS Max, DAZ Genesis and Maya skeletal rigging.

This is a huge breakthrough and in typical Reallusion fashion its more of a major release than a minor  upgrade but that is the way Reallusion does business.

I do have some tutorials online now and will be doing more the coming weeks plus Reallusion has really stepped up with lots of their own tutes once again.

My YouTube Page.

Legacy Poser Characters ready to rock and roll. The wings on the Dragon are mapped for animation.

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