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The Backyard Studio Project – Part 3

by on Mar.14, 2014, under Uncategorized

We finally ran into a bump in the road on this project when the electricians came back to rewire the electric service to my house and studio building. I had 100 amp service and was upgraded to 200 amp service with a new meter base where the service comes into my home and subsequently my breaker box. The new base was expected… the new lead into the home was not… and it was a problem.

The original lead was too short to fit into the new service and being as this was contructed and wired in the 1950’s it was also smaller than it should be. Another problem was the lead went straight through the wall into the house instead of through the roof to the attic and a common access point. In other words… it was bricked up!

Anyway… the crew at McArthur electric including the bossman got on the job and rewired the house through the roof and attic.  In fact I have never seen that many electricians in one place at one time so I’m trying NOT to think about the added expense. It’s just one of those things and now instead of outdated boxes on the house I have some new (and shiny) hardware that looks great. Never thought I’d say that about an electrical hook-up but you should have seen the old one!

The Electrical Service

Hooked Up… but not operational yet.

It really is nice to live in a rural part of the country and in particular in a small town where everyone from contractors to the electric company lineman try to do all they can to help a customer and do the job quickly instead of waiting weeks. When the power company lineman showed up he upgraded the service lines to the residence and hooked up the studio in no time.  He did all he could to accommodate the electricians and power was restored to my home before dark. What was to be about a 3 hour job was probably closer to nine hours by the time it was all over.

My father and I (with help from Zac Ward) completed the trim work on the corners and under and around the loft. We also put up a nice piece of pine on the loft end and trimmed it out. As you would expect.. all the trim is pine except where the walls meet the first angle of the roof. Since this was a prefab building we had no control over it’s construction and the loft sloped a bit to one side at the bottom which forced the woodworkers to leave a small gap to line up the next board on top.

Pine and rope trim work.

Pine and rope trim work.

Being in Texas there is a quick solution to this problem. Rope… rope trim to be exact. Good, old fashioned hemp rope nailed to the wall along the seam. I’m not worried about dirt as the wall behind it is covered by the soundproof vinyl barrier so all I needed to do was a cosmetic fix. The floor of the loft is level even though the bottom isn’t. None of us are sure how the builders accomplished this but you work with what you have.

I believe we are in the home stretch now. Flooring is next and installation of the ductless heating and cooling split system. The heat/cooling is a picture frame unit in the room on which I can load digital images.  That sounds cool.

As to the flooring… well… at this point it has been changed to hardwood instead of industrial carpet due to the fact the my building is not on a concrete slab. Having the cavity under it is like a sound stage and the carpet will deaden the high tones coming back up from the space or so I’ve been advised.  With wood I have been told to use rugs if needed to deaden certain areas that may be harsh and in my mixing area.

So… it’s off to search and investigate wood flooring… which is what I wanted anyway. Onward through the fog!

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